Sunday, August 12, 2012

5 Reasons to be happy I was born with AMC

I always see the positive side of things in life. There is so many things that AMC has given me and I will never change who I am. Here I'm giving you some of the fun reasons why i'm happy I was born with AMC.

1. Teached me how to think on my feet (and off my feet for that matter)

Since I remember I had moments where I found my self alone in front of steps with out handle or in a bathroom with really low toilets or a very hot day and pool in front of me where I just decide to jump in with out thinking how I'm getting out after wards. All of the years of "training" have gave me The Solving problems privilege. And not just for my physical challenges, I solve all kind of problems. Just give me 5 minutes and it's done.

2. I Have really small feet

I know this is weird but is true! My feet are really small so the only socks that fit me are kids socks and they are just awesome. I have a collection in all colors and shapes. Every time I take my shoes off is like the party just arrived.  Not just that, I don't find shoes in my size that I can walk comfortable in very easily, so I have them made. This gives me lots of possibilities, I just look through magazines and find any shoe I like and the next week I'm wearing them. The special bonus is no matter which designer brand they are they always cost the same with my lovely shoe man...

3. I don't have to cue

This is always a bonus not just because it safes time, also think of movies premiers, non numbered concerts, shop sales, Etc. This allows me to have the best seats 99% of the time, I can be in and out of the bank  in 5 minutes and I get to smile at people that was staring at me thinking I was on the wrong side of the cue until they see me walk.

Source :.johannabjorkqvist  - Polyvore Collage Misha Oh My...  

4. Gave me high pain tolerance

It's not that I was born with it, but along the years of surgery and painful Physiotherapy I just gained it.
So "simple" pains never stop me. And some times it just gives some time of extra fun.
I see people going around whining about things like: "oh My god! I got this or that bone broken and I can't even watch TV" My first thoughts about this are: "Really? I've had both my legs broken in 4 parts each at the same time, just to shape them properly, and three days later I was laying in the sun trying to figure out how to get in the pool!" 

5. I can dress up as zombie and don't have to fake the walk

Dressing up (costumes) is my thing, I LOVE IT! but my favorite part is dressing up in things that go with my walk like Jack Sparrow, a Cave woman, a Zombie, a Penguin, Etc. People is always amazed how I manage to hold the character for so long, I got my Secret. ;) This is one of the best opportunities to have fun with it.

So if you are a new parent with an AMCer don't worry your kid is going to find a way and get to love who he/she is.

We all need to focus on what is what  make us happy, and that makes life more FUN, so lets play a game comment bellow with 5 things that make you glad you are you...


  1. Misha, I'm really excited everytime I read your posts! You are really and awesome girl! Lots of hugs!

  2. Thanks Vane! you are awesome!!