Saturday, October 27, 2012

My legs in the Sun.

Now the sun is shining in my city and the summer is getting closer and closer, I have a collection of over 30 dresses waiting to be worn.

When I was child, I always wore dresses, shorts and all kind of clothes that show my braces off, and I never felt insecure. Au contraire, I felt pretty awesome, I used to tell kids I was robot and that made me the coolest girl ever.

I went through my teenage years with no problems (weird right?), the problem came in my early twenties.
Don't ask me what happen, because I have no clue. It just came like that. My poor legs will never see the day light... I just wouldn't feel comfortable. The over 38 scars and funky shape legs, took over my mind, and didn't let me enjoy the summer days.

After a couple years living like that (two or three at most), everything changed. Or better said, I changed everything. I realized that there was NOTHING to be ashamed of, my legs are WON-DER-FUL. Period!

And if someone (anyone) felt uncomfortable they can either look away or just get used to it. Because nothing, NOTHING, is going to make my Lovely legs hide again...


  1. I read everything and make me feel proud what a good girl you are!! I had wonderfull times in life with you Love you Meli!!!!

  2. Is friends like who help be who I am...
    Love you Mi China!