Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bullying Free zone

There is this topic that is really concerning around the world: The Bullying problem.

Amanada Todd
The bullies have been around for a long time but lately the aggressions seem to be more severe and they affect kids deeper. And some times it feels that there is no way out of all that pain.
I was reading the Amanda Todd's case and I felt frustrated to see how this girl was screaming for help and just couldn't get it. In that moment I thought how lucky I was because didn't have to deal with anything like this in my life.

You would think I was an easy target, and yes I had some bullies around but somehow they just didn't get to me. I think it was because when there was any kind of painful comment I always had a way out of it. For example, they used to say I had a big head and make fun of it. My answer was "I need big head for this huge brain of mine" and laugh. Or I couldn't find conformable shoes, so I use to wear the same pair over and over, everywhere (parties, the beach, weddings). They where destroyed and if someone made fun of them, I would answer " haven't you met the rangers?" this shoes have lived everything with me, they have been in places that you wish you had" and that way they became the cool Misha's shoes.
But my favorite of all times is the T-Rex arms, no back up needed for that one, who ever thinks that looking like a T-Rex isn't a good thing, doesn't even deserve an answer...
A huge part of over coming this situations was, guess who?, yes! my mom. She always told my brother and I, how beautiful we were and as soon she noticed that we where felling uncomfortable with anything, she help us find the way to over come it, or to recognize the things that we where good at, in order to generate secure personalities. For example, Jose (My brother), wasn't good with maths but he was fantastic speech skills. So she will suggest that when he got bullied for not being good with numbers he will say : yes I know that, but my skills are in talking in public, we all have good things you see.
It's really important to find your ways around things that make you sad or bother you, always try to find some that you can talk to about it. And make sure to remember the things you love about yourself.
If you are parent stay alert, sometimes it might seem like nothing - just another kid problem-, but the truth is you can save your child from going through this pain by making sure they feel secure, love their self and that there IS someone for them. If they have to experience it al least they are not alone.

If you are reading this and you are going through difficulties, PLEASE make sure you talk to someone, if you are not conformable to talk about this with people you know, you can contact me and I WILL BE REALLY HAPPY TO HELP YOU.