Sunday, February 10, 2013

You're my person

Hello there you beautiful people !!
Cynthia here (or you can call me Sooz). I'm Misha's friend that has assaulted her blog today to write a post for you to read.

Ok, I did not assault it, she asked me to and I kindly accepted.

I was sitting here in this bed of mine trying to think of what could I write to you (I mean, I can talk from pancakes to why I think Kurt Cobain died) when I realized that I wanted to tell you why I love this girl (call it V-day madness).

                                                                             Source: Uploaded by user via Cynthia on Pinterest

I love her because we thought we were going to die when we reached 27. As a Kurt and Jim fans, we thought that was our fate. And you know what? We did. We left our old lives behind and reached into second puberty together to become who we are now. A better version of ourselves.

I love her because we had a 14-hour non-stop movie-marathon where we wanted to open a school, and we learned that in the game of seduction there is only one rule (never fall in love). I also learned that she's scared of suspense and nazguls and she will dig her nails in my arm.

I love her because she taught me that it is ok to follow your dreams, that they will be scary as hell and the ride will not the easiest or the most comfortable one, but once you reach there it is wonderful. She's always there cheering for me on my way to pursuit my dreams.

I love her because she can bitchslap me from one continent to the other. I could be taking a wrong decision and she could tell me why I should or shouldn't do it even though we were miles away and with an ocean between us. We had more of a long distance relationship since one of us was always away and we learned to stay close and keep us updated so that we can bitchslap each other when we needed. Even if that meant 4am calls.

I love her because she's fearless. She wants something and she goes for it. Someone doesn't like her, she doesn't make a big deal out of it. She doesn't feel social pressure to do things or look a certain way. 

I love her because she's confident and she loves herself. She has memories of her life printed as scars and she doesn't feel ashamed of it. She's strong in her mind and in her heart.

I love her because I can have bitching sessions with her without feeling judged for venting the way I do. In the same context of not being judged, we do not judge each other for the inappropriate talk we have. 

I love her because she taught me that things happen for a reason and sometimes things doesn't happen the way we want because better things will come eventually. We both learned that was true and we sometimes look at our past and think of all the blessings we had, and how different our lives could have been if we were stuck in those old memories.

I feel truly inspired by her, and I believe in her and I love her for believing in me. She will tell me when I'm doing something wrong but she will never make me feel bad about it. And that's what a true friend is all about, to be there in the good and in the bad times, to cheer you when you're doing something good and to let you know when you're screwing it up without making you feel bad. And this is why I love this girl. She's one of my closest closest closest (sometimes way too close) friends. And I thank God for putting her in my way.

"She's my person. If I murdered someone, she's the person I'd call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor. She's my person."

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