Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Guest Writer: Blogger from "My leg Is not broken" and friend Rachel Schickowski

 In my 30-something years, it recently dawned on me that I have never really felt sorry for myself.  The way we are born, how we look - you can’t change it, so you suck it up and figure out how to make the parts you have, work for you. Over the last few years, I have started  to actually appreciate the things I have learned through my journey as an AMCer.

But to be real, I am still a dreamer.
I’m guilty of taking a moment to daydream about what life would be like with a strong body. I like to think everyone does that once and awhile.

So I close my eyes and think...

I would dance. I would grab people’s hands and twirl them around and make them smile. We’d dance for no reason beyond the fact we have strong legs and life is good. When I see a person bopping at a bus stop, yeah it’s weird but I also love it. Keep on rocking that strong body. Don't waste it being boring.

I would carry things. Carry babies on my hip. Go through and carry everyone’s plate in a buffet line, just because I could. I would go to buy groceries, push a cart and walk. Load it up and carry my bags to the car, probably while talking on the phone toojust because I am that awesome.

I would run. I would feel the wind on my face as I ran around my neighborhood… nowhere to go, just running for fun and since I have perfect and strong hands too, I'd give those I pass a high five to celebrate being alive and the beautiful day.

I would have really strong calf muscles. So of course I would have an amazing collection of uncomfortable shoes and I'd wear cute skirts to show my strong legs. Oh and then I'd probably dance around and carry stuff.

I would squat down. I'd drop stuff just to squat down and pop back up. Yep, never reaching out to hold anything to get up, just depending on my strong legs to bring me back to a straight and strong stance. I'd eagerly watch for others to drop things, especially the elderly so I could squat down and help them out.

I'd make fists, give thumbs up, open jars and soda bottles with ease and give myself ponytails. I'd snap my fingers, wave hello and high five all the little victories. I would be the girl who does the excited hand clap and bouncy jump when I saw people I loved, just because it looks so happy.

I'd go to places and just be Rachel. Not starting each introduction with an explanation of how I did not hurt my leg. I'd blend in. I would walk through airport security with a breeze and not have to think about how many stairs I will face if I go to a concert.

All of these things would be nice. They are also the very things I am sure I’d never give a second thought if I did not have AMC. The same way I take for granted things I can do and someone else views as a struggle.

Limitations can make you bitter or it give you a heart of appreciation. In my life I have found it has led me to amazing people and an independent spirit. I think we see others differently and we learned at an early age subtle ways to put the world at ease.

I hope to keep pushing myself to new limits and appreciating the things I CAN do. The things I can't, well I hope you will do them for me and know you are wonderfully made.

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