Thursday, October 10, 2013

When dreams go beyond you: Yanapay

Here we are writing/reading about dreaming again. As I said in my last post is something that has been around lately.

Today I want to tell you the story about Yuri and Yanapay.

11 years ago I was in Cusco for the second time in life, kinda looking for myself. One afternoon a I met Yuri, this guy that came out nowhere and showed in my life just like that, it was as if we were there pulled by each other.
He started sharing his dream with me, this dream that for many would have been pointless or even impossible. Hi's dream was to have a school for less fortunate children and not just give the chance in life but also lots of love and built strong character in them to help them come out of the cycle that is our society. -In Peru (where I'm from) a lot of kids are abused, send to work and missed treated, nobody does anything about it. Is something that is part of us and sadly we are part of it.-
He (Yuri) started drawing in a piece of blank paper his whole dream, how he wanted to be the change that world needed, how he wanted to be part of this kids lives, how he wanted to have an orphanage for 50 kids, he showed me the colors that he wanted the classrooms to be, HE SHOWED ME HOW HE WANTED TO DEDICATE HIS LIFE TO HELP, HE SHOWED ME YANAPAY WITH YANAPAY ONLY EXISTING IN HIS HEAD AND HEART.
That day I not only met Yuri that day I was introduced to a better world, the world of Yanapay.

I was 18 when I met him, a lot things has happened in all this years, not only to me or to you or to world, but to that dream, that dream is now a reality for over 120 kids and their lives. That dream is now reality for missed treated women that have some one to hear them and help them not to be afraid and to take action. That dream is now the life of my friend Yuri
He worked for it for years to be able to finance the project (the project is now autosostenible with a restaurant, a hostel and volunteers), his hands bled building the school chairs out of donated wood, his heart broke every time someone said it couldn't be done, but now his soul shines everytime a new kid comes to the school looking for this better life that this wonderful dream now reality offers them.

Now 11 years later, I went to his dream, I touched it, lived it and smiled with it. It was incredible seeing all of this set in stone, I loved the kids calling him Papa Yuri, I loved the peace you could see in his eyes, I felt proud of being his friend.

Thank You Yuri for showing us that dreams, no matter how big or difficult,  are possible. You just need to put all in and really work for them.

PS, YANAPAY means Help in quechua.
If you would like to know more about this great project please visit


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    1. Hi KGlam, Yes is true beautiful story.

  2. Oh my god this is really so beautiful.....dreams really come true....and Angels exists....thanks Yuri, and Thanks Misha for!!!

    1. Hi Mili,

      Yes angels do exist. Is a story that I couldn't not share.