Sunday, December 1, 2013

30 things I'm Thankful for

1) Love
I'm so thankful for having found Mike, he is not only my fiancee, but my best friend, my life partner and my strength.

2)My Mom
Thanks for my mom, she is a true hero. For her love, support and understanding. For picking me up when I'm down and pushing forward every day to be a better person.
I've been blessed with the best family ever (little crazy sometimes), they are a huge part of the person that I am. This includes my awesome, crazy, heartwarming in laws.

I have all sorts of friends, I'm lucky to have them in my life making it more than interesting. 

5)Good Job
We have this fabulous new job that allows us to help people and keep our own schedule.

6)To have been blessed with AMC
I could not picture my life without AMC, I will never wish it wasn't part of me. 

7)Access to good Health care 
I'm really thankful for the health care that my mom was able to provide for us,  it made a huge difference in my "recovery"

8)For the pains of my body 
I'm thankful for my pains because they make the good days (without Pain) even better. They teach me not to take things for granted. 

9)For my religion
I feel that being part of a religion, has given me hope throughout my life when things got difficult and made me understand that EVERYTHING is part of a bigger plan. 

10) My positive outlook on life
Is so much better to focus on the good things, it makes life brighter and better.

11)The modesty my mother gave me
My mom always told me that we are all equal, we all have our own struggles and victories, and no one is better than anyone else, we are just different.

12)For my Passion for traveling
I love moving around, seeing new places, meeting new cultures and wonderful people. I adore being part of this world and I want to see as much as I can.

13)My second language
I remember how much hard time my mom give me in order for me to learn English, I can appreciate it now.

14)My adventurous spirit
Daring to do things, going places, my hunger for life has given me phenomenal experiences and memories. 

Life is made of memories. Photography allows us to capture the essence of them and keep them for when we are not longer in the moment.

16)Creative mind
I'm Really thankful for my ability of thinking on the spot, it has given me the power of finding my own way of doing things and transforming me into an independent person. 

17)My AMC Family
I love the fact that I can share something so personal and familiar to me, with people that is going through the same things, I appreciate the moments spend finding ways to make each others life easier.

18)Sunday mornings
One of the things I love the most is spending the whole morning in bed, Sunday mornings allow me to do that.

19)Serendipity  "Fortunate accidents"
I'm really thankful for this one, the extraordinary way life surprises us with this fortunate gifts of destiny.

20)Mystery & Wonder 
I think mystery and wonder are the two big things that make the difference between existing and living.

21)Hot water bottles
When my pains get to strong hot water compresses are the only thing that soothes the pain.

Summer days are the happiest days, friends, beach days, games, dinner parties, warm nights, bright skies, fresh air... Everything I need.

The internet has changed the world, some say not for the better. I say is one the best things has happened to me, it keeps me in touch with people I love from around the world. It has made it so much easier to feel closer to family that are far away.

24)My feet
They hurt almost all of the time, but I'm thankful they are there to support my body and take me wherever I want to go.

This is a powerful feeling, that can make you or break you, I use it to empower myself and aim for better.

26)My Mistakes
I'm glad I make mistakes, because it means I'm really trying. I'm thankful I get to learn from them.

27)My senses
Something that some take for granted is our senses. I want to give thanks for my sight that makes me enjoy your smiles or a colorful sunset... My sense of smell that takes me back to places with a small sniff, for my taste that allows to take pleasure of a great meal and the touch that gives the wonderful feel of holding hands with my loved ones.

That wonderful piece of heaven that gives me instant happiness.

29)Good music
Music has the power of making any moment exaggerated, it can take us anywhere and anytime of our lives and make us live again those special memories.

And for what I'm most thankful is for the gift of life, being part of it is just magnificent.

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