Monday, January 26, 2015

Keep Calm and Carry On

I was thinking the other day, while trying to set important/achievable new year resolutions, that I've learned something really important this 2014 that just went.
2013 was the year of changes and very hard lessons for me, and it left all the mess for 2014 to clean up, so as I started the new year (2014) with a lot debt from a business that was gone with the old year, with the news that if I didn't lose at least 15kg (33lbs) I wasn't going to be walking by age 40,  and if that wasn't enough, I also had very broken leg and even a more damage spirit, so I didn't set any goals for 2014, I felt as if it was too much to set or to plan for, I just decided to go with the flow,  and kept in mind this lovely saying:

As the year went, I realized that when you have too much on your plate to handle, the best thing to do is to go one day at time, facing the challenges that each day had prepared for you. 
I wasn't going to diet, I had hit bottom, I needed a drastic change so I changed how I eat completely by planing for the day.  
We organized our finances, and work really hard to be able to face loan payments every month and didn't think about what that money was going forward. We were just thankful we had the money to pay for our peace of mind.
The leg was something else, my body has something like an intuition to heal itself, is as if it has been through it so many times that, is just natural. So here I am a year later walking again, not 100%, but well on my way. 

2014 was also the year of the new and happy things,  2014 will be remembered as the  year I married that man of my dreams, my partner in life, the year where even through all the struggles we could confirm that, no matter what, we will always be by each others side. 2014 was the year where we found a new carrier, 2014 was the year I saved my body from fading away.
2014 was the year I confirmed that everything is possible.

So, now after thinking all of that, if you ask me what I want from 2015, I just want to keep calm and work on what I need to, and let life follow its own path, what needs to happen will happen good or bad, I'll just keep calm and carry on.  


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. .. You have a great attitude.. well done on your accomplishments. Sounds like you are on a good path. God bless

  2. Thank you David.
    I'm glad you enjoyed and hopefully you are right and I'm on a good path.