Monday, January 22, 2018

Today is a good day

As the year started I had the feeling that there was so much I wanted to do, so I started by doing my vision board and my monthly plan for the wonderful 2018 that had just arrived, when it hit me, all of this planning had its specific dates, like when to start eating healthy (again) or when to start working for what I wanted to achieve in August, but what I wasn't realizing was that most of these things were things that matter to me today, so the questions were "why do we tend to set future dates to start things that are important to us?",
"Why is it that Monday seems to be the best day of the week to start anything?", "Why is that next week is so popular on our calendars to see the friends that we want to see today?" or "Why is that next year is the best time to take that dream Florida vacation that you have dreaming of for years?".
I get that most important things take time to plan, like a family vacation but, let's be honest, how many of us are really already saving for it now just to make sure that we don't have to postpone it for another year?
And this is what I am talking about, why is so difficult to take action today to achieve all those things that we want?
Today IS the best day, not tomorrow, not Monday, or the 1st day of next month.
One issue that most have is that we take life, time and health for granted and so many of  us end years with pending dreams just because day to day life takes over and makes us believe that we are doing what has to be done and that we don't have time for those "less meaningful" things like having a coffee with a friend or watching that film that your kids have been wanting to watch with you for weeks now. So, here comes another big question, when did laundry or a work pendant that should stay at the office but we decide to take home, became more important than our dreams, family time or a chat with a friend?

Let´s remember that life is today, this second is all we have. We need to start using it wisely and be aware that our dreams deserve to be fought for, today is when we have the power to shape our stories, we just need to dare to begin...


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