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Along the way we all meet this wonderful people we call friends. They come onto our lives unexpected and stay forever (well, most times). My first friend was my cousin Isabella. She, along with my mom, built the first forms of secure personality that people say I have. This girl never treats me with "special care", we always found ways for me to do what ever crossed our playful minds. I remember one day, when we "ran" (mostly she dragged me, with braces included) away from a "Crazy man"- the guy was probably just another person at the beach town, we just wanted adventures-  up a sandy mountain and down again . We where unstoppable and so I stayed like that.

After not so long came Silvi & Nati, the two girls that became my chosen sisters. Together we learned my ways out family surroundings and it was awesome. No limits. No patronizing. Lots of love. Lots of learning ( they learned more than anyone If I need help or if they just needed to tell me: Meli Don't be Lazy...)   This two have been in my life for almost twenty years now and have no intention to leave.

Together we met Guido.For a moment I just thought of leaving like that. Guido. But if you are getting to know me through this blog you need to know about him. Half of my persona and most of my outlooks in life were built in the times we spend together. He was my first love. And the first friend that remind me how good/special is to be different and so that (loving being different) will never change.Years of Guido went by until I met Cynthia, that person that comes a long just to rock your world, She is this friend that is me just in another body. We clicked straight away and became best friends, we haven't live in the same city for more than year in ten years of frienship. Even far away from each other nothing changes. We are that close when we are together or apart. When together ANYTHING could happen... We just live.

Some years after along came Yuri, this wonderful/magical man who injected in me the love for helping others. We used to spend hours in our meetings at 3 o'clock at the main plaza chatting about how to change the world, this may sound like a couple of dreamers, but now years after he runs a school for kids in need and he is my real life hero.

And parallel to all this friends there is My Charlie, this sweet guy has shown me that it doesn't matter how many years go by, how much our lives change and how different we are, there is always a place for that special friend that shakes your world when you are together.With him I learn (everytime) that when you want something you have to work hard for it. When you have nothing in common, apart from each other, you have to be constant for that thing that you always want in your life.

My life without these friends and the other thousands I have, wouldn't be the same or as full as it has been, my head is full of memories that make me the girl I am and I want thank you all for always been there making my life so much fun! 



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