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Guest Writer: Mike, The Fiancée

Dear ladies and gentlemen of the interweb. From reading Misha`s past blogs I know she normally just gets right into her main articles but I thought , as I`m her guest writer for this month I`d take a paragraph to introduce myself, tell you the role that Misha plays in my life and I in hers.

My Name is Michael or Mike or Chicho, depending on who you ask. I`m Misha`s Fiancée, for those of you who don`t know the history behind our relationship, we`ve been dating for 6 and a half years and engaged for about 3 months now, and are planning to marry at the end of May next year. I`m English, although I now live with Misha in Peru. I`m 6`4``, 220 pounds and I don`t have AMC.

Introductions aside I`ll now get to the idea of me writing here this month.I was lucky enough to attend the AMC conference this year with Misha and her mother, at this point, I`d like to add that it was a real pleasure to meet all of you. One of the things I found was a lot of people asked us about our relationship, either mother/fathers worrying about the future relationships of their child or young adults thinking of their own future relationships.

So with this in mind, Misha and I decided it would be good for me to write a post. And as you`d expect the topic is going to be……………the importance of comfortable shoes.Not really, I`m going to talk about relationships, and mainly finding a relationship. I`d like to think we have a strong relationship, if not a slightly abnormal one, and use the term abnormal to refer to the fact that Misha and I spend 24 hours a day together, almost every day. Not all day, every day I hear you gasp. But yes Misha and I live together, socialize together, work together and relax together. I like to think we form a good team in most things we do, any we very rarely argue, unless of course Misha is hungry. For a while now I want to forget about us though and talk about you. If you are reading Misha`s blog you probably have had AMC affect your life in some way, whether you have AMC yourself, have a child with it or a family member, you get the idea.

To start with I want to explain this very clearly.

You`re not going to have any more difficulty finding love than anybody else.(That’s not to say it`s going to be easy, love never is, ask anybody you know who`s been in a relationship for more than a few years, their hard work.)But you`ll not have a more difficult time of it than anyone else.The first thing you need to remember is that you`reawesome/fantastic/exceptional/sexy/funny just the way you are. Sometimes this isn`t easy to do, when you`re feeling down or lonely, looking in the mirror and saying, “you know what, I`m great” is the hardest thing in the world.

My recommendation is to do something you are good at.I`ve been trying to learn Spanish for 6 years now, and I`m getting there, SLOWLY. Sometimes it gets me down, after trying to explain myself for what seems forever in Spanish to someone, I feel down, angry (normally at the other person, as of course, it`s all their fault) and a bit beaten. What I do now when feeling like that is I take out my Kindle and read something really complex in English, and it makes me feel a hell of a lot better, it gets my confidence up, then I go back and have another go.Going back to Misha`s and my relationship for a minute, one of the things that first attracted to me her was how outgoing she was, the confidence she showed. For you parents out there, and not just for those of you whose kids have AMC, this is your job. Raise your children to keep their confidence, all kids are born full of confidence, as we grow up, our experiences and our achievements decide whether we keep it, and for those born with any dif-ablilty you`ve probably achieved more in your life that people said you wouldn`t then anyone else.

In my experience others are drawn to those with confidence, it makes us feel more confident in ourselves. So no matter who you are, if you have AMC or not, if you 3 feet tall or 10 feet tall. Show confidence in yourself, there`s nobody on the planet better at being you than you. Show people this and the rest will take care of itself.

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