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If they only knew

About two months ago I was talking with a friend (one of those you only see once in while), it was one of those deep conversations that normally happen in a room with some privacy but, is this case it was in the middle of a dance floor. As I was dancing she came up to me and said that my photos were one the things that inspired her to want more self-love in her life, she had been in a tough relationship for a few years and she needed lots of self love, the only love that does not depend on anyone else but you, the kind of love that is the most healing and the only love that can make all other loves even better.

Apparently, her battle wasn't easy, after she made the decision of truly loving herself  and showing the world that she did through social media by taking selfies and admitting the she is stunning no matter what others think, she started receiving comments like ¨would you please stop being so vain and stop posting so many photos of yourself?¨ or she said that people will come up to her and tell her that some family had unfollow her from social media because they couldn´t put up with all her posting, after telling me this she truly opened her heart and said ¨ If they only knew that that one photo I post is the only photo where I accept myself out of the hundred that I have taken that day, If they only knew on that one photo my own loving voice overpowered the voice of my ex, telling me that I was too fat or too old to be  loved, if they only knew that it took all my power to post that photo where is saw myself beautiful and didn't hate who I was, they would probably understand ¨

This conversation left me thinking for months, how hard we are not only with ourselves but with others loving who they are, I often see that people hate social media because is too fake and people is always trying to hard, this only makes me think, how little empathy we have, it is a tough world this one, and if the people we consider our friends can't see that maybe that photo we post has a story behind bigger than their prejudice, we are doomed...

There is a story behind everything, nothing in this world is meaningless, if you want to understand something, try going beyond what you see before you judge it. And maybe this way you will learn to understand yourself and become a better version of you. We are all meant to shine love, if we shrink ourselves or others around us, we give others permission to do the same, so go and shine a bright love light, by doing so you might help other do the same.

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