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It always gets me why LOVE is a "Tabu" most of the time around people with disabilities. I'm not going to say LOVE is not a complicated thing but, isn't it like that for everyone in the world. Or are you going to tell me that you know some one that hasn't suffered for LOVE. If you do, please raise your hand.

LOVE is the most simple and complicated thing in the world. Everyone goes through the same things, whether you are from Bolivia or Russia, if you are blonde or ginger, or if you are in wheelchair or if you have the most perfect body.

So why is that when people look at me with my gorgeous boyfriend (Yes, he is very good looking and not just in my eyes) sometimes we get the looks? I always wondered what are this people thinking? Is it: "why is he with her?" "How did She get him?" "Was she in an accident? And now “is he with her for pity?" And all this thoughts were confirmed when a couple of months ago, one of the ladies the works for us in the hotel said: " Misha, you won't believe what happened. The other day I received a call from a lady that I always talk about you with. She told me that she saw you on TV and that you were really nice. Later in the conversation she said that your boyfriend was stunning, and probably he was with you out of convenience. My first thought when I heard that was. – Convenience of what? Everything we have, WE BOTH work very hard for… and the next one - No. Crazy lady, he is with me because the world is full of judgmental people like you and full of great people like me and we get all the nice ones.

And Yes, I know what some of you are asking your selves, is this just luck? Is he with me because I was the luckiest girl in the world and have him because of that. My answer is No. I'm lucky that found my soul mate is this huge world; I was lucky that me being Peruvian and him being English we where at same time in the same tiny village in the middle of nowhere in America. And yes we were meant to meet, but if we had met and I was insecure, superficial, shy, etc. He would have been in England right now very far away from me. So my answer to this is he is with me because I’m awesome and we complement each other.

So this is all about time, the right moment and the right person for you like in any other case. If I have dated so many people (all of them still my friends), kissed so many frogs to find prince charming… then nothing makes me think that I'm any different from the rest of the world. Xx

Misha PS. This post is dedicated to Mike and to our great LOVE...

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