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It started slowly, with one photo. Then another. Then later with some videos. But it grew, and changed, today we travel the world raising awareness and connecting AMC families, while spreading hope one mile at a time.

Since the early days, The Dream Walker Project has always been about three main things, and HOPE.

 •We believe in raising awareness for Arthrogryposis and bringing hope to those who we meet who may never have met anyone else with AMC.


•We Believe in connecting people, bringing AMC families together, from both, a global family to local groups who support each other and bring hope for a better future.


•We also believe in providing accurate information. As with any medical condition what we know changes, day after day, year after year as we learn more. But everything we learn is worthless if it cannot get that information to the people who need to hear it. So, we learn everything we can, and share what we learn, in hope that one day the diagnosis Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita will not be scary. That you´ll look through all the information and see the hope in what the future may bring. You will ll see that AMC diagnosis for what it really is, an invitation to join the most loving and supportive family you´ll ever be a part of.



Thank you for your support!

With your help, we will keep working hard to promote AMC awareness and support all over the globe.


The dream walker project works closely with AMCSI (Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita support. inc) and other support groups from around the world to help go that extra mile, quite literally, as every year we travel thousands of miles visiting families in their homes, hearing their stories, sharing ours. Meeting more and more of our AMC family, learning the tips they have, and sharing them with others they might help.

Everything seems a little easier when you are not alone, and if our ¨Long road to AMC awareness¨ trips have taught us anything, it´s that we are not alone, we are many, and we are everywhere.

}Since our first road trip all those years ago, we have visited hundreds of homes, and arranged dozens of meet ups. But it doesn’t stop there, whether we’re traveling or not, we’re always online trying to get the word out, trying to spread the hope we see for a better more together future. We talk online to global specialist, to help share what they know that we do not.

We talk to people who lives with AMC and give them the platform to share what they have learned that might help others.

We talk to families about what life with AMC is like, sharing their stories for those who might need to know what life will be like in their future.


Whether on the road or online this is who we are at The Dream Walker Project.

We believe from the bottom of our souls that we are better together, that we are stronger as a community, and that as our community grows so does our hope for tomorrow. And we will ll get there, driving one mile at a time, visiting family after family, until one day no one will need to ask, how do I say that...Ar-thro-gry- po-sis.

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