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As my friends are starting to have babies comments like "Nothing matters as long as it's healthy" or "I don't know what will happen if it was sick or had a disability" come around more often than I've ever imagined. I also have heard from the AMC moms that some of them were suggested to terminate the pregnancy after their babies were diagnosed, those mums and babies were, in my eyes, the lucky ones. Let me tell you why I think that. When a baby is diagnosed with a disability or an illness in utero, the doctors tend to suggest terminating the baby's life, they give reasons like "He/She will never live a normal life", "The child will suffer too much",  "He/She won't live an independent life", ETC. This, sadly, happens more often now as we have more technology.

All of those predictions could be asserted, what they don't tell you, is that life is not about those things, life is about the small things, like feeling the love from your family, enjoying a sunny day, someone smiling at you or a hug. Or are you going to tell me that you measure how happy you are by brushing your teeth, getting dressed or applying shampoo to your hair?  I hope not. The other thing they don't tell you, is that your kid will be a fighter, that he/she won't take things for granted, and yes, life WILL be tough, there will be moments of suffering, all of that will make your son/daughter the strongest person you will ever know. He/She will count things like brushing their own teeth or walking a few steps as victories, and all of those painful days will be just part of life. I was someones disable child, and my life is full of happiness.I've learned that life is not easy for me, but whose life is? I'm proud of all my achievements, and every stare was worth it because I know some of those people got inspired. I don't look back to the painful therapy with resentment because all of those hours of pain taught me that with hard work you can achieve anything. I don't care of bullies that that looked down on me, they helped me build my strong character. I get to see peoples kindness everyday, when they help me do what my body doesn't want to.  I'm happy I was given a chance, because the day life gave me a chance to live, A FIGHTER WAS BORN.



PD, This is something I've been waiting to write for some time, it is a hard topic and I don't want hurt anyones feelings, I tried my best to express how I feel.

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