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AMC Conference: Where MY normal is THE normal.

I was waiting for this since We left Indy last year,  counting the days to see my AMC family. All year had been amazing, getting in contact with more and more people related to AMC one way or another, so this time was definitely different than my first convention, but as emotionally rewarding.

So, this time my fiancée Mike came with us,  we left Lima very excited and we made it to Vegas 14 hrs later with the same excitement, swollen legs and huge smiles. After a 20 min cab ride to the hotel we finally made it, We were there,Where MY normal is THE normal.  The cute kids in their wheelchairs started to be seen and the companionship looks started. When we checked in they gave us map of the hotel, and there was I thinking thats a bit much, isn't it? not realising the real size of the Hotel, IT WAS HUGE!!! We wanted to go to the room to get showers and be ready, but no, We got lost and end up at the convention registration. And I was amazed once again.

The familiar faces started to show up, the hugs, smiles & "it's nice to see you", where all over the place. It's been a year but it felt like yesterday. The comfort was there for everyone. After a playful afternoon and very relaxing night the next morning the conference started with Whitney 's speech , reminding us how good the conventions are even if you go back over and over, you always learn something new and it keeps reassuring all your feelings about your self. No words needed really, just to be there is perfect.

Once Again I found myself staring at everything and everyone, how good it felt seeing all the kids playing around in their own ways, and have to say I got bit jealous when I saw them playing Tag, when I was young I always got caught, LOL.The sessions were overwhelming, so many stories, so many people, so many backgrounds... I couldn't, even if I tried, explain how special they are. What hit me the most this time was the parents and their dedication, we all talk about how our parents where the constant in our "recovery".  THANK YOU MOM! It felt wonderful, I could write for hours trying to explain all experiences and wouldn't cover it. So if you haven't been to one yet, really try your best to make it there next year IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Thank you to everyone that made so special, Mostly to my Mom and my wonderful Mike. See you all next year! Until then GoodBye!  Love,  MishaPs,How lucky I'm to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard (Winnie The Pooh).



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