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Challenge yourself

I'm now in a city in the south of Peru called Cusco. I can say that is one of favourite places in the world, not only because how beautiful it is, but for all the great things that brings with it. It's as if I become more conscious of everything, my life, my body, me in general. You see, Cusco is a complicated city for a person with a Diff-ability,  from the looks all the way to the terrain, and it just fascinates me. It's a constant challenge, this time I keep remembering how important is to live an active live. I moved here when I was 18 years old for almost a year, it was an incredible experience, I was living, for the first time all by myself, no mom, no family, no boyfriend to help, it was me and the city. Every corner was test for my body and balance, with its slippery and huge steps and bumpy sidewalks. 

This was the place where I learned how to put my socks on (in this same house where I'm writing from) and how to take a lot of jumpers of - Cusco is cold and you can't play around it- THERE IS NO HEATING ANYWHERE! Now you are getting the bigger idea right? Yes, Here is where I learned to be the most independent I've been. I went to every corner, with or without company, I have climbed huge steps all by myself even if at the end my clothes were all dirty from leaning in the walls.

and all of this is only the day to day, Cusco doesn't only do all this to me, it also challenges me to to challenge myself. My grandma always tells me that I'm reckless, but I like to think I'm adventurous. But here I become even more "FUN". For example yesterday we had one those days that fills your soul, we grabbed some motorcycles and went off to the south valley, with curvy roads, rain and no where to put my legs, so I was there holding to the moto with my thighs and my heart.

It's good to challenge yourself, you will find that you can do more things that you ever imagined, and your life will be more than a day to day. Life is to create new memories to take with you when you are not here anymore, so make those memories worthwhile to look back to.



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