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Change is good

Every day, life gives us the opportunity to change, change something we are not happy or we are done with, but most times we don't take the opportunity that it's been given to us -I would say as a present- and we just keep on with our routine letting something that can make a huge difference, scape.

For example me, 4 years ago We (Mike & I) Opened our own business, we were quite young and it was the perfect sort of activity for us, like any other new business it had really hard times and some very good ones. We put all our effort into this new "Baby" that we were creating, but as we all know, life is hard, and people sometimes can be really... mmm, Let's call it heartless to use a nice term, we struggle a lot on finding the right team and we lost some so called "friends". Life was punching us in the stomach time, after time, after time, and we were taking it with smiles in our faces and just keeping on. We knew we had to change something and let it go, but we didn't, hit after hit, we were there being hopeful in something we didn't want anymore. 4 years passed and we lost passion for it, it wasn't part of our live's or what we wanted for us. On Tuesday 20th of August 2013, we made the decision of changing that one thing that was holding us back, We closed the business that we had put so many hours and sweat into, IT WAS TIME TO LET IT GO,  just because it wasn't making us happy anymore, and what is life if you are not happy? Now a month later, we think of this as the best decision we made, we change huge part of our lives and we can honestly say we are happier than we have been in the last 4 years. Our days are full of new challenges and we are thankful for that, we have a new opportunity to grow as people and in life, rather than being stuck in a dream that had become a nightmare.

So go on and embrace change, change is good, even if it means going through painful endings or hard beginnings.Make that move, challenge yourself  to be a better you. Remember that faith and belief, changes that thing, that seems impossible. Don't let that comfort of your situation stand in between you and those great things you were made for.



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