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Crazy anecdotes of a wheelchair driver without license: Part1 The anesthesia Horror!

Everything starts with the moment that Doctor says " We need to rent the wheelchair again". Even if I have had 13 Lucky surgeries and most of them end up with me using a cast for longs periods of time, I still don't own one. The first thing in my mind is "oh Fuck! the bloody anesthesia"and yes, I know, it sounds weird. Is not the pain after the surgery or being in a wheelchair for at least six months or the the fact that it could be summer and I'll have to use a cast (or two) in the summer hit if Lima's desert, I have all of that under control. The only thing, I really hate about this process, is the anesthesia. And how could I not? If when I was 6 years old the doctor said "the words" and following that he said "We are going to use a mask that smell like apples" naive 6 year old me, anxiously waited for the sweet smell of apples and instead got a nasty smell that made me feel as if I was going to die suffocated.

The next conscious moment is one of favorites that I have in life, and this is, when my body wins the battle and wakes up to see my mum, right there with a wet cotton against my lips telling me "No, if I give you water you are going to be sick". Then I proceed to talk gibberish - and no, this is not an anesthesia side effect, this is just me being me- everyone starts to come into the room to try to give me some strength and it always ends up being the other way around. The next couple of days is just about remembering how to do things like sponge baths, making the bed around me and get used to use the Chata (Chamberpot) and all of that until the all mighty chair arrives.

And that is moment the fun begins....

Stay tuned for more.

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