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Dream Big

What happens when you are given a dream, and that dream  feels bonkers, unachievable or just simply out of  place, but with all that said your body can´t stop pumping you  full of adrenaline and  making you want to go for it. In my case, being born with a condition where everyone said I would not do this or that, and then with lots of hard work I did it and proved everyone wrong, I have the power of dreaming ingrained in my bones and heart, and when I feel that adrenaline, I just want to go for it and ROAR, yes, like Katy Perry... You see, when life gives you so much and you HAVE  to put up with it, you know you can handle anything and make what you want possible, of course, there is fear, but fear is just something there being overpowered by you, your dreams and the thought of knowing you will try it over and over, with fear, but try it nonetheless, until it's done!

I´m aware that this feeling of anything is possible as long as you dream it, is not ingrained in everyone, not everyone had to go through what I went through to learn it (luckily) but, that is why I write and share my story with you, it can be done. Experience is tough but, hell you learn, and that I did, I learned and I did.

I often say your battles are given to you for a reason, you are strong enough to fight them, well I truly believe that  the same happens with your dreams, if they were given to you it's because you are wise, strong and free enough to make them happen. All of this will be a series of small victories and defeats, this my friend won't happen from one second to the other. it doesn't happen like that, you won't have it the next day you dreamed about it, it will take work, patience, desire, tears and one hell of a compromise but, if you really want it,  the journey will be the most beautiful thing about it, because every step you will feel closer to it and you will have a purpose and nothing will mean more to you than the path of getting there.

So, go and dream, dream big, because you can make ANYTHING happen.

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