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Forget resolutions, set intentions.

As we are now two weeks into the year, I thought I would finally write about the one just gone and the one that just started.

You see, normally I am the most positive person about everything, and when the new year approaches I tend to go extra positive and want lots things to happen and I have dozens of new year resolutions, just because is the perfect time to set them. The magic of Christmas is all around, the celebrations, the family and friend reunions are the perfect distraction to take you away from what you really need or want, and might make you wish for something that is not for you or something simply too crazy…  For example, this Christmas was so magical I wanted to be a Unicorn, literally. As the saying says: ALWAYS BE YOURSELF, UNLESS YOU CAN BE A UNICORN, THEN ALWAYS BE A UNICORN. But, is obviously not what I need, I’m perfect the way I am, lol. 2016 has been a year that taught me so much, I lost so many loved ones, life took me for a spin throwing me out, not only from my comfort zone, but also out my senses. It forced me to create new ones by rocking my world, I had to learn who I was again and make sure I knew what it was that I wanted. It wasn’t a conformable ride but, on balance at the end of the year, it was a good one. In a year where every single moment you were thinking OMG! REALLY? At some point I had to realise that life was telling me something. So, beginning this year I have new ritual, I welcomed the new year just enjoying the moment, laughing, cheering, and dancing the first few minutes away. The next morning I just let day happen as it came, no big expectations. Have you realised that often the first of January is a wasted day? People tend to wake up late, feeling tired from the celebrations from the night before. What happens next? Disappointment. The first of January was the day that you set your goals to start exercising, quit smoking, eating better, seeing more family, having better attitude, etc. But, to be honest, who wants to do all that after a big night? Not many people I bet.  So, for me, year after year I started feeling a bit blue and let down, what a wrong way to start the year. I honestly think that that is exactly why only 8% of the people achieve their New Year resolutions.   So, from this year I will set my intentions after all the excitement of the holidays has past and I´m centered and truly aware of what is that I want and need. All of these past weeks I´ve had ideas, thoughts and feeling coming back to me. So, I wrote them down, all of these desires my mind, soul and heart had, are now being processed, I’m paying real attention to each of them and carefully planning when is the best time to start working on each of them, I know for a fact that everything is achievable, you just need a plan and dedicate time and work towards it. If you are like me in previous years, and went all excited about the new year and set so many new year resolutions that now you can´t even remember them, and you are already feeling a bit discourage or have given up on your plans, hold your horses you´re still in the race, get your head together, get a note book – phone – chalkboard – whatever works for you, and start writing your goals/desires/wishes/Wildest Dreams down, every single one of them, go big or go home, then pay attention and you will see that what is truly important to you will jump out, then GO FOR IT, give it your all. I will be writing about my goals soon, and share with all of you how I´m doing  and what is working for me, I think we can empower each other, so please share with me how you are doing and what is working for you.  Let’s work hard together and make this 2017 the year that we make amazing things happen for every single one of us… Are you in?

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