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I not beautiful like you, I'm beautiful like me...

Last night I was invited to a dinner party for a friend's birthday, and the memories/feelings/insecurities that the situation brought back has given my the body of a post that I wanted to write for a few weeks. When I was 14, I had a huge crush on my best friend Guido, we were like boyfriend and girlfriend, long calls every night to just say how much we loved each other, so much not even the stars will cover the number, yep with all that cheesiness. I was his girl.Years went by like that, we had our ups and downs but we were always together at the end, when our respective prom parties came along, of course I invited him to mine and he didn't invite me to his. He went for the pretty girl he had met the week before, that crushed my heart, my dreams and my self esteem. That day was the only time I thought he was ashamed to be seen with me, which was ridiculous, firstly we were seeing together everywhere and secondly Guido has a passion for  uncommon things ;) Everything went back to normal, I had a few dates here and there and he did the same.All those bad feelings dissipated and were gone in a week at most.Yesterday he called me saying that he was in Peru (he lives in England) and said that he was going to have a dinner party and he mentions some friends that were coming, in between those names was hers, after hanging up and 15 years later I just went back to that day. I thought automatically something really stupid: What should I wear? I need to look stunning to meet with this girl, my next thought was: Who are you and how did you take over my mind?? I know I don't need to prove that I'm beautiful to anyone, and even less compare myself to others, I'm pretty like me not like anyone else. My legs are not long and well formed, but they are perfect just the way they are. Just by looking at them you will be told one hell of a story, my stomach may not have the perfect six-pack, but my nicely shaped smile will let you know that I live a happy life. So this goes to my fellow AMC Ladies, Please do not compare yourselves to anyone, because your eyes have seen things that shine through them with a very special light, your body was made to fight battles that have shaped it into the perfect you, your voice has a sweet tone to share your stories of victory, Your hands, as tiny as they are, are the perfect size to be held.

YOU ARE JUST PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE... And no one can compare to that.

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