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I ran for you blessing

Today, Pope John Paul II was canonised, as I was watching I thought of the story that my grandma always asks me to tell...

I was blessed to be held by him twice in my life (the two times he was in Peru).  The first one I was around one year old in Arequipa, from what I've heard my mom passed from hand to hand until I reached his. He blessed my mom just by saying "Forza" (Strength). He was right, all my mother needed to give her little girl a chance to be happy was strength...

Four years after that, he came back, this time we were in Lima. I used to go to a Physiotherapy center that was invited to be in the front row where he was going to give his speech. After hours of waiting, he came out and started blessing random people from the crowd, he just passed in front of me without noticing me. I started to cry and somehow I got on the red carpet that was set for him to walk on, I used to wear leg braces at that time, so I was there "running" (with braces and everything) behind him and his dozens of security men with flowers in my hand. People started to shout "Turn around, turn around" as he did, I was standing there with my flowers, my tears and my faith, ready for his blessing...

According to my grandma, when she asked me what he said to me, I respond: "That I'm going to be cured"  Now, I say, that those words were not meant to "cure" me physically, they were meant to cure my soul from resentment, self pity and negativity, and to give me strength one more time.

Some people say I was born with lucky star, I also think I was blessed by a saint in my early life.... Xx


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