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Is not been easy but it was worth it.

The convention is coming soon and they are asking for pictures of now a then, in order to reproduce them in Vegas. When I was looking for my then picture, I realised that the road has been loooong and rocky, and then I thought, that I mainly write about how strong and happy I am these days and nothing really about how hard it was to get where I am. So, I wanted to share it with all of you but mostly with the new moms and dads that are there thinking where do I go from now?

In life a new parent is scared about everything, they want to make world safe around their child and protect them from any pain or discomfort. But what if that is exactly what you need to give them in order to help them in the long run? THAT IS WHAT YOU DO!

When I was born - as many AMCers- could not move a bone in my body, I was all rolled up and would not even be able to lie down properly. The only way to keep me `straight` was by holding me or putting me into a full body cast. After a few weeks the cast came of, and the the physio started.

My mom is not very conventional or patient, so she did what HAD to be done, no matter if I was crying so much that I could not breath or if I was even sleeping, the physiotherapy was there 24/7. My grandma told me years after,  that my mom would only sleep 2 hours a day after that she was always stretching and pinching me with little needles in order for me to move. 

The years kept going that way, I was always exercising, I start walking when is was 3 and talked to much, a lot of times I told my mom that I hated her and that I wanted to move with my dad ( they got divorced when is was 1 year old) but her, with a blank face (and the heart destroyed) kept on going, stretching and eating her tears on the inside. Mom was always the fighter.

Years went by and I even stayed at home schooling for me not have to miss physio. The mornings where were I had the most energy and we could not waste it.  Now days, I  have really strong torso, incredible hard legs, I eat alone, lift glasses, dance, swim, etc. All of it thanks to my moms strength,  the difficult times and the pain, I`m now an independent lady with a lot to give to world.

So, new parents, are you going to stop just because it hurts? 



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