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Manual for dummies who think that I can't

On the 14th of April of 1984 my mum got to me meet me, the girl that was the prettiest girl on the planet according to her eyes. Some said to her "she won't walk", some others said "she will never be happy". But instead my mum said "she is going to dance when she is 15". And my mother - as always - was right. Since that day I always heard "she wont". But I like to contradict people, so I always did.

Now I've travelled the world, lived in 5 countries, studied arts, have a masters Degree, have dated the most good looking guys and some of the ugliest ;) . I have also swam in two oceans and one sea a few rivers and some lakes, walked incredible beaches during the most amazing sunsets, danced till dawn and  years ago I found the love of my life, my husband, my life companion.

How did I do it? I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid of what people will say, I'm not afraid to try over and over until I get it. I do things my way. Yes, I walk funny and I call my funny walk a swing. A swing that help me to be the girl I am. Secure. Persistent. Daring.  Who just walks through the world with a smile in her face knowing that anything is possible.

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