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Not everything broken needs fixing

It's funny to think how some people can't see pass the way someone looks, and just assume that your outsides tell them your whole life's story. I have random people coming up to me to tell me that everything will be fine and that I'll be cured. At that exact moment my head goes... Nothing here needs curing, thank you very much. I live a full happy life, I know this is probably  hard for their limited perspective to understand. When I was little I was taught to pray, I do it every night, but in my prayers there is never a: Dear God please cure my legs and my arms, I don't want to be like this any more. They are more like:

Dear God, please take care of my family and I, please help us not to loose strength keep going straight in this wonderful task you have given us to inspire others. Is hard to make people understand, that sometimes (always) it's OK to be happy the way you are and with things life puts in your way. And no, It's not Karma, I'm not paying for anything I did in my other life (like a personal trainer some day told me I was).

I like my body, I enjoy my DIFability, I have learned how to live with it. So, Please please please don't come around trying to change even one little bit of me, I love myself the exact way I am.



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