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Not one drop of my self-worth depends on your acceptance of me

The other day I got an inbox saying that I shouldn't talk about beauty in my blog, that most people with disabilities don't feel pretty and me talking about how pretty I felt was like rubbing lime in an open wound. This left me thinking why is so hard for people not only to accept and love who they are but, to also accept that someone can love who they are 100% without being vain? It breaks my heart every time I hear someone say,  "I'm not the pretty one" or "beauty is not for me, I'm smart and that is enough"; why do we need to separate one thing from the other, why can't we love ourself as a whole?  In the end, how you feel in every aspect will affect your life one way or another. I chose to love myself when I was 11 years old, I stopped looking to the side and comparing myself to others and learned how to love every single bit of me. That day my life changed. My arms will never be like anyone else's and that is why I follow their own rhythm to showcase their unique shape and celebrate them, my legs won't run as fast as yours and that is why I learned to love slow-long walks, my feet leave a different mark and that is why I make sure I leave my footprints in every beach I go,  my hips dance their own song when I walk and that is why I made the world my dance floor and I just have fun while I'm on it, my mind is full of anecdotes and that is why I write and my heart is full of kindness and that is why make sure my lips speak with a kind voice.

I learned to love myself truly 20 years ago, and by it, I don't mean only feeling pretty, by it I mean self love in a whole, I don't feel pretty, I'm gorgeous! I'm Smart! I'm fun! I'm Kind!  I'm worth the world and more! I'm pretty in every aspect, and I include my flaws in there, I know I'm not perfect, but is fine to be imperfect, I just choose to be kind to myself.  Please let me tell you, it's fine for me to love myself fully and let people know that I love who I am, it is also fine for you to do it, believe me, the moment you accept and love who you are and stop looking to the side for reassurance, your world will change.  And here I'm not writing only about disability, I know there is able body people that struggles with self love, this message is for everyone, because in the world, once again, we are a whole... 

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