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Perfection is in the heart of the beholder

The other day I went to get a pedicure, I thought I'll try somewhere new instead of the lady that comes to my house normally, so I ended up in a nail salon. To begin with, everything was good, except for the ladies that were doing my hands and feet, they kept rushing and chatting between them as if I wasn't there, after 5 minutes of being there completely ignored and rushed, another lady turned up, this lady was a manicurist at the salon as well, apparently she didn't have anything better to do than sit next to us and start bashing my feet with her comments. What's wrong with your feet? They are weird. They look funny. They are deformed! And your arms! What is wrong? Why you look like that????

If' you have met or read me before, you know by now that I love talking about my differences, my funny walk and my perfectly imperfect body, but this lady crossed the line, she didn't even say "Hello" first! She behaved like a 5 year old, with no reason. So I thought this person didn't even deserved a little explanation. I just answered "I don't know what you mean"and left it there.

We need to learn how to see past our differences, this world is so judgmental. Just because someone doesn't look like you doesn't mean it's wrong or ugly or funny. It's just the way they are. I love my feet, I think my legs are perfect. I just not only accept myself the way I'm but I also wouldn't want to be any other way. So if you have any problem with the way I look then look away, because I won't hide or stop loving myself just the way I am...

I took me years to learn that it was ok to be different and not to compare to others. It was hard work, but I knew that this was going to give me a great life. With this I also learned that everything has its own beauty and magic, I'm no one to judge the way someone or something looks, my life changed when I started to concentrate on the good things rather than the bad, I'm happier than I have ever been and I would like people to realise that we all can be, not only happy with ourselves, but empathetic with others, helping you enjoy their joy as well as your own. Xx


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