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Self Confidence, This is me and I would not change it for the world.

I remember being a little girl and having kids come at me calling me names and laughing, I also remember having a great time with it. I loved every name and had as much -or more- fun as they were having. I felt the center of attention and that was priceless.

Years went by and my confidence stayed really high, I had a great group of friends and I was included in everything they did. If they climbed a tree well they carried me up there too.Don't get me wrong I had people doing horrible things to me, like one of my best friends at the time challenging a guy that I had a crush on to ask me to be his girlfriend (We were 12 years old). All of this as joke, to see if he dared to be my boyfriend, you know as if I was Circus Freak that no one would love. Joke was on them. when she told me this, she obviously stopped being my friend, she was the one missing out not me. I carried on with my happy life and I had a lot of boys later on asking me to be their girl, this time for who I was and because I didn't let an insignificant episode turn into a big deal.

I also remember my friends saying "Oh, I hate my legs or I'm fat I don't want to swim in front of them". I actually didn't hate anything about my body. I mean I wished sometimes that my hair was longer or that I was little taller, but I really didn't dislike anything about me, I felt pretty and happy as I was.  I accepted that I was different, embraced who I am and got on with it. I know sometimes is hard, like when you hear things like "she shouldn't be here" (in places where I can fall or something- High risk) or "If I were her parents I would have never let her drive" (from a teacher) but I take this as people who would have not being strong enough to go through what I have to deal with, so I don't let this little comments affect the way I fight my battles. I always think that I'm really lucky to be in this body, with this Diff-ability, it makes my life really interesting and challenging and LOVE it. I also think that most important thing in a persons life is to learn to love yourself as you are, this way NOTHING will bring you down. So go look yourself in a mirror and fall in love, This way nobody will ever make you feel unwanted or less.Remember it's up to you to make your life happy or sad. Please do let other people make you feel anything you are not. You are different, we all are. So what?



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