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Simply Indy, Simply AMC, Simply Us...

After 28 years of living is this body, someone contacted me and asked if I could meet them for an interview. I would have never expected that this was going to change my life the way it did. Two weeks after the TV program I was booking the flights to go to the AMC support annual Conference. The previous weeks I had started this blog and I thought that this conference could be useful, not just for me, but for the people that reads it from all over the world. So there I was packing, and thinking one more time, I have the best mum in the whole world. As she just had come back from a long trip to Europe and I just had to say the words: I need this. And there, we were going to INDY!

So after a few days in Miami, We finally flew to Indy, in the plane I just felt anxious, not just for the the fact the we where thousands of miles from the ground - which always gives me that feeling- but for the fact that I didn't know what to expect. Arrived safe and happy - always a bonus- and I refused to take a Taxi, I just love experiencing it all. We took the local bus to the town center. The funny thing is, as all my friends always say, I don't do the hard work. Of course I always think I'm the strongest woman in the planet and that a 30 kilos bag won't get in the way of how I like doing things and as always, it does. So there is my poor mother dragging two big bags around Indy in the summer heat, trying to convince me not get run over.

The moment of truth at the reception desk I found a poster welcoming the AMC family, and my mind just concentrating on how nice that was completely missed the fact that close by there was group of AMCers looking at me. My mum said: "Look! your friends." laughing nervously. As I proceeded to turn around my heart pumped as it did on my first kiss. I walked towards them and said a shy "Hello..." with a big happy smile in my face. Thankfully Shushana (I call my monther that way, her name is Susie) took a photo of that exact moment. After a quick run to the hotel room (I didn't want to miss a second of it) we made it to the second floor where every one was meeting. That second I recognized a familiar face, it was Scarman, a cool man with AMC that a I had been following for a couple of weeks on the internet, we shared a couple of messages backwards and forwards before the conference, but I wasn't expecting him to remember me or much less my name.

I was very wrong, he did remember and greeted me by name. He was so caring for everyone around, every kid wanted a photo with him. That man has charm...He introduced me to some of the people around and after we went to the registration. While I was there, I really didn't know where to look. Everyone was so different and so similar at the same time. I was loving it!

Walking around trying to soak it all in, we heard some cheers, we rushed to se what was going on and so we found lovely Tracey showing the girls her last discovery:HOW TO DO YOUR OWN PONYTAIL! This is taken as granted by most women, but for us this was the end of our mornings full of, "would you do my hair up?" this was like the best news of the year!

The next hours where just so overwhelming, I noticed my mother crying in some phone calls with people back home. I pretend as I didn't realized because if I did, I wouldn't stop crying, not because it was sad, on contraire, it was so nice! I never felt the need to even google up my condition before. I always had friends, all kinds of friends who I related to, but this where relations of music, sports, hobbies, etc. But I never got to see my self in a live mirror. As I said, we all where very different but so similar at the same time, that now after 28 years I knew how I looked in others peoples eyes. That same night I re-meet Dale, a wonderful man full of live that hasn't let AMC get in his way and what he wants in life. After a long talk I realized somethings had to change in my life. Of course this is hard topic for any woman in the world... But the biggest change I have to make is my weight and as Dale said that night what the doctors and Shushana have been saying for the last couple of years. "We don't have the joints that other people have", "We have to put 50% more effort to achieve daily tasks", "Imagine if your legs had 15 pounds less to battle with" he said. It is different hearing it from someone that has the same barriers to cross that you have every day. So here we go.He showed me as well something amazing that I always wanted to do. How he rides a Bike. The next couple of days where just a roller coaster of emotions. As so many things where shared around the sessions and social times, things that you thought you where the only one thinking about or going through them. This was a life changing experience for me and I would highly recommend everyone with AMC trying to make it to the next one. This is such a wonderful support group founded by a amazing woman, mother of a AMCer, Ani Samargian. And as she says she couldn't do this with out great work of the board of directors.

You rock Ani!

All I want to do now is thank all the wonderful people I met, you guys really are awesome in you own ways. From Sean and his not dancing all the way to Phill and his wonderful voice and guitar playing... All the smiles shared with all the sweet girls. Amanda, Ciana, Shelby, Whitney, Alejandra, tracey, Court, Rebecca you girls rocked my world. Theresa and her strength. Chris and his wonderful smile and his brilliant art. Michelle proving me I can be a fantastic mother. Donna reminding me what I want for life. Kids just being kids and showing us friendship is most important thing in life.And last but definitely not least Matt you know how I feel you about and how wonderful it was meeting you. And the Most important thank you of my life, Thank You Shushana for been there with me every time.

Love you all and SEE YOU IN VEGAS!!!!



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