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The dream is real

This weekend I had an adventure that I would like to share with you. A few months ago when the news that the Rolling Stones were coming to Peru soaked in, I decided that I wanted to dance with Mick Jagger. I know what you guys are thinking, but in my mind and my heart there is no dream too big. Since then I started tweeting Mick Jagger to try to get his attention, and of course he was having none of it, so my goal digging spirit jumped into action, I started writing/calling/talking to everyone I knew that could help me with my dream, and this was the first lesson I learned in my ¨Finding Jagger Journey¨ , people are willing to help, if your dream is real (the bigger the better) more help than you can ever imagine will come into play. The second I posted on facebook asking a few things, I got dozens of inboxes asking what I needed, when I shared my story - the full version of it - most people turned my dream into theirs and jumped in with all the help they could give, I had people that worked in the hotel where he was staying at trying to leave letters in his room, I had one of the owners of one of the most powerful newspapers in the country writing his closest friend in town to see if he could arrange a meeting, I had friends giving me phone numbers of the concert organization team  that were ¨private¨, I mean people went BIG. As the Stones got to Lima, and no matter what I or my wonderful helpers did nothing seemed to work, I decided to go to the hotel where the band was staying and dragged Mike with me, we got there friday evening to scout the scene, we had few drinks, maybe a few to many, but that is another story. That night we met a guy, who started showing us  photos of the concert in Brazil from a view that wasn´t a normal fan view. So we went home that night and all I could think is I am a step closer.

The next morning (Saturday), we went food shopping for the week as we hadn't done it the day before you know why, as we were going back home, I saw someone that look different from the rest but he was a bit too familiar to me, in a microsecond  sinapsis fired and I shouted ¨HI!!! Are you SERGE?!?!, I KNOW YOU!¨ as he looked stunned, we got closer and explained why I recognised him. He was the New York Times journalist that Donald Trump had mocked for his Diff-ability that happened to be Arthrogryposis. We chatted for a few minutes, both of us very surprised for what just happened, that was when I learned that he was in Peru because he is a huge fan of the Stones and he was following their tour thru South America.This had to be a sign right? Well, we exchange phone numbers, and agreed to meet the next day.

So, this was the second thing that the ¨Finding Jagger Journey¨ taught me, the world works in mysterious ways and what has to happen will find a way, no matter odd or impossible it seems. 

That afternoon Mike and I went back to the hotel, now with 10 letters all of them addressed to Mr. Jagger, and a heart full of hope. The first thing I did was talk to the guy who had the photos that didn't look normal for a fan and gave him a letter, he then proceed to point us towards a guy full of Tatoos that supposedly was one of  Keith Richards best friends that was traveling with them, so of course I stomped on and talked to him as well and give him another letter. That day I talked to various members of staff told them my story and gave them all letters. So, in my mind at least one of those letters found its way Mr. Jagger hands and  he was just to busy to answer my request and maybe he will contact me when the tour is over and we can arrange something for the next time I´m in England.   As, you can see this is something that I remember on my ¨Finding Jagger Journey¨ , dreams might not come true when you have them planned for, but it doesn't mean that they won't, if hope never dies, one day I will have my video dancing with Mr.Jagger that says on top of it, DOCTORS SAID I WOULD NEVER WALK, BUT NOW I EVEN DANCE WITH JAGGER and that video will inspire all my AMCers friends to follow their dreams and to never let anyone tell them what they can or can´t do.

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