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The Kindness of life

This past Saturday I sat down to write my weekly post and as took a deep breath I realized everything that was surrounding me and I just couldn't look away, I was absorbed by all the beauty of that moment, the sun was setting, the sea had this pink-golden-melancholic color and an old song was playing reminding me of good old times. The moment was just perfect.

So I started wondering why it is that people don't just sit around and enjoy the small wonderful things life give us every second? Some will say we are all to busy, life moves to fast to "waste" time on those meaningless things, but at the end we grow old and we wish we had done this or that. I'm not saying we should all live in wonderland all time, what I'm trying to say is, on a road of hundred miles you can either look up and enjoy the stars or look down stare at your feet, at the end is the same journey ... I would like to dare you to live every moment and not just exist, take joy in every little thing you go through along your day, let's not wait until we have lost someone special to enjoy their smiles. Say I love you every time you can/want (don't be afraid of over saying it, dare to say it), be grateful for your child ability to walk/smile/eat/pray (others are not as lucky but they are still happy), Be thankful for your long term love that still finds you pretty and wants to hold your hand after so many years (some can go through their whole life without finding real love), be grateful for all you have even if it is not much.     You can always  have your feet on earth and your mind in the skies, always aim bigger, always love deeper and always always remember you have just ONE Life and only YOU can make the best out of it. 



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