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The New Year

 Is really hard for  me to talk about this new year that has arrived, without talking about the one that just left us. 2012 has been a wonderful year, and I hope it has left some of its magic with us, when the clock marked the mid night, I just said Thank You, that was the only phrase the walk around my head. Thank you for my great family, my lovely boyfriend that walks with me through life, for my fun friends, for my new found AMC family and most of all thank you for my life.

One of the things that this year gave me was coming back to the house I grew up in, and is been magical finding old things that I had forgotten. One of them is the view, the apartment is on the 17th floor and you can, literally, see the whole city. The fireworks where everywhere! Just reflecting the high expectations people have for this 2013...

After a few minutes of just soaking it all, I prayed for a healthy year, with health I'm ready handle anything that this new year throws at me. Good or bad. If you ask me, What I expect this year to bring?, I couldn't say, I have been so lucky so far that I think is better no to expect anything but just created it. I know we can't have/live everything we want, but at least we can try really hard and have fun with what we find on the way.  Even if it feels different every year, I see the faces all around and the constant always is HOPE. This wonderful feeling that push us harder to be happy, to aim happy. For us, for our families, for our friends. Hope of happiness and peace. I think of this while a hear this song every time. I wish for all of you (all of us), a year full of adventure and unexpected things, year where we find love and fall in love over and over again with our selfs and the people we have by our side. I wish for us the best and that we dare to dream big and not just that, I wish us strength to go after all that. I now just have left to say....



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