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Three steps to a better life

In general, you can choose how you want your days to go, it all depends on your moods and how you take the little (or big) things that world throws at you. But, can we do the same with our lives? Do we choose at all how good or bad it is? I think we do.And these are three steps that have worked for me: 

Building believe 

When I was born, my mom's life turned one hundred and eighty degrees, she has never told me this, but I know that my birth was one of the biggest things my family had to over come.

My family around me, in the first few weeks after is was born

That ray of Light The first few days, where about accepting what life had thrown at them, that was easy ( in terms of what was coming). The next step was how to build believe. And that was not easy, doctor after doctor telling them I wasn't going to live long, the news of: She's not going to walk, came like gift from heaven. I was going to live! She took this as the ray of light in our path, thats is when it all started. I know is not easy, but every where, in every thing, there is that tiny ray that you can hold onto very tight and this is what is going to change you life... Embracing Risk But this ray is not going to work miracles if you are not to take risks. Life is all about them...My life has been build around risks, from the medical ones all the way to the love related.For example when I was six years old, I was walking- with braces- but I was walking. My mom's hunger for better took us to the surgery no one wanted to preform.  She had known Raul for a long time, this risk taking doctor that changed my walk. They both decided that was about time for me to walk without aid but this had huge risk. Never less they took it. It could have send me back to a wheelchair, but if it did, we would have found the way back to walking. But lucky us, it worked and now my legs walk freely throughout life. Now, risk is imprinted in my life, to move ahead I take ALL my chances.  Living passionately Life is nothing without passion, this wonderful thing take us to most amazing places and feelings.

You wont achieve anything without it, to get what need or want, you need to feel positive and to feel positive you must be inspired. So get out there and find you passion, and just look how your life changes out of your hands.

This steps rule my life and what I achieve, if you try to live by them I can assure you it wont only change you, it will change your world.



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