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Three steps to Self Confidence

People has been asking me how comes I turned out so confident? Well I think is a group of things and experiences that brought me to where I am now. They say that babies are born fully confident and that the world takes it away from us. And thinking about that since my last Post and having so many people commenting on the topic I went back over the years and had serious thought and found is true. If you think of young kids the feel indestructible and they own the world, but then world comes and... well we know the rest.   So I started thinking how did it work for me? and I came with this "steps" that have help me.

  1. Stop worrying about what other people Think  You will always be weird, pretty, ugly, too fat, to thin, to happy or to blah in other peoples eyes. There is no way  that you can be perfect to everyone.

So, just be you or work for who YOU want to become and not for what others expect from you.

2. Accept yourself Learn that your body is yours, and is the only one you have. You better love it, because you are stuck in it for the rest of your life. You either like it or suffer with, it is YOUR choice.

3. Smile You will find that when you are smiling the world around you is better. If you think, it's very difficult not like someone that smiles, you are automatically welcomed by that person and you feel comfortable around them. If people is comfortable around you will feel comfortable around them. So put that smile on.

Start with this steps and no one will be able to stop you.



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