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Where were you ten years ago?

The other day a magazine asked me (yes, I think magazines talk to me in first person -jk-) what was I doing ten years ago? This let me thinking about how much my life has change in all this time. With that, my dreams, my fears, my problems, my self... I'm new person almost completely.

Ten years ago I thought I wanted to be a Biologist, got into University and everything, I also thought I was completely in love with a guy that was making my life a misery and I could not see the end of that suffering. Ten years ago I was seating in this same spot, thinking I was going to change the world just by being different, that I could survive with just love, no money or anything else needed, that everyone one else had it wrong but me. Ten years ago I thought some of my friends were the most important thing in my life, most of them are far gone. Ten years ago my dreams were telling me that I need to look "messy" in order to be different - to stand out-, Without realising I was different enough already.

Now ten years later, I have a degree in arts and the best partner that I could ask for ( and yes, the suffering stopped just a couple of months after that nasty breakup, my world didn't end), I'm seating in this spot trying to make a difference in order to change the world, making love my main motor to work hard for the money and everything else we need in life, and accepting that my truth is only mine- just one little point view in this immense world- and that everyone else's point is as valid as mine. Ten years ago I was a teenager with to much rebel and little cause that now has learned that to be different you just need to be you no, extras needed.

So this got me thinking again. Why do we spend so much time worrying about things that wont mean much in some years? Lets remember all our troubles are ephemeral and what stays is our essence, the good friends and the good memories. The problems and the bad moments are at the end good lessons that take us where we need to be. I just hope that ten years from now, when I re-ask my self that question, my answer can be I was just following my dreams, pursuing my happiness and  learning from my troubles.... Xx


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