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Yes, You can!

After the last blog post I did my homework, yes, what I wrote was for me as well.  Since I started the blog I want you to know that I have been as honest as I can with all of you, when something goes wrong, I share. When something goes right, I share. When I´m not so sure about something. I also share. So this way, my journey is yours and if what I go through helps you in any way my life in this world is fulfilling its mission.  So, going back to the beginning in the last few weeks I listened to what my heart, mind and soul were telling me, I connected the dots between all those things and finally set my intentions for this year and here they are: ⭐ YES, I CAN! My first and most important intention for this year is to remember that in fact, YES, I CAN!  I can do everything and anything that I set my mind up to.  Sometimes, life, the world, failure, fear or people around us, make us think that we can´t do/achieve something, and to let those negative thoughts get in your head is the biggest mistake you can make. WHAT YOU THINK BECOMES YOUR REALITY! So, fill your head with dreams, positive thoughts and affirmations that get you where you want to be, and that way YES, you will!      ⭐ RECOVER MY BODY One thing that has been in the back of my mind for the last three years is how my body ability is fading away from me, I seem to be able to do less and less things that I used to do with hardly any trouble. In those three years I have tried different things that I honestly thought would work, like losing weight, doing physio, walking more, being aware of my disability and what my body is trying to tell me. I really felt heartbroken when none of those things seemed to work. Until the other day, someone asked me when was the best moment for my body, and without giving it much thought I just gave the ages were I thought my body was at its best. Then over the next few days that question kept coming back to me and those years when my body felt at its best where in my mind all day. Something bigger had to come out that question, so, I gave it a real thought, ¨What made those years the best years for my ability and what did they had in common?¨ Then and there was the answer to the question that had being bordering me for the last 3 years… I try it all yes but, I didn't do it all at the same time.   Like someone told me once, I, and all AMCers, should remember that our bodies are a work of art, that all things that we are able to do, took a long time to achieve and it was accumulation of various things that were done right. The right state of mind, the weight, the physio, the constant doctor checkups, the right shoes, etc.  So, I have come up, with the formula that worked for my body that I didn't know I had all along and I am determined to recover my body and dust off the work of art that my ability and body are. BUILD BRIDGES FOR AMC When I was 28 years old, I met for the first time someone with AMC, when I walked into this community called the AMC Support Group (AMCSI), and got so many answers about my condition that I didn't even know I had, a dream/mission filled my soul with hope that what I was getting/feeling/experiencing was going to be felt by everyone affected by AMC. The last 5 years of my life I have dedicated hundreds of days and hard work to turn this dream into a reality, I have made connections, I have looked for people with the condition that thought were alone and showed them that, not only they are not alone but, they also have a big family that is willing to help.  Now, I want that every single person with AMC to have a chance, I want us to be a world family that have the support and the right treatments whether you are in Africa, Peru or the USA, I want to build these bridges just for one reason, alone we are rare, together we are strong.      ⭐ TAKE THE BLOG TO THE NEXT LEVEL When I started the blog, I did it for my friends and family to learn a bit more of the condition that I live with. Not in my wildest dreams I thought where this magical journey called Misha Against The Odds was going to take me. The blog is read by thousands of people that are affected by AMC around the world, for me to know all of you are here reading this fills my heart with joy and makes me want to take this even further. I want this for you, for me, for the kids that are about to be born with this rare condition that has so much potential with the right treatments. I´m tired of hearing ¨The doctor said there is nothing to be done¨, ¨The doctor said it was better to terminate the pregnancy¨, ¨My son was bullied at school¨, etc. I'm done with that. I want everyone to know about ARTHROGRYPOSIS MULTIPLEX CONGENITA. I want to go to a doctor and to not have to explain my condition to him, I want a mother to get the right diagnosis and treatment from day one, I want every kid to be cheered by the fact that he/she was stronger than AMC and even if he/she does things differently, he/she is able to do them and not get bullied for it. For that, I will stand up in every corner of the world to tell my story and let everyone know that to have AMC doesn't mean you won’t do this or that, it just means it will take more effort but, YES, YOU CAN!

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