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You are in charge of your present...

If you have read my posts before, you know that I kind of pay a lot of attention to what goes on around me. I think life/God gives us the signals and it's up to us to follow them. Well, lately I've been attacked by signals about how we are in charge of today, that it's really up to us to make things happen and how to be "defeated" most times shows us the life path that we need to take and problems are just the way that is being communicated to us.

I want to talk about hard times tonight, the other day a close friend told me that she was diagnosed with MS, I started crying and couldn't stop asking why? Why do bad things keep happening to good people? I wanted to take a plane (she lives far away) and hug her and tell her that everything was going to be OK. But I know things won't be OK, it will hurt, her life will change so much she will probably not remember who she was before, she will need to learn how to live in this new old body of hers with new challenges, but  I also know that she is strong enough to keep that beautiful smile of hers and face this challenge and take the best from it.

We need to learn that problems will keep coming, always. But also learn that in order to fix them, we need to accept them and let them be part of us. That we can learn how to live with it (if it is permanent) or to fix it and take what it came to teaches us (if not). If we run away, well, all the suffering will be just pointless.

Let's be thankful for the lessons and always remember that there is no evil that lasts 100 years. So put your smile on, face the day and deal with one little thing at the time. And you will see how EVERYTHING was meant to be.

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