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Your "I am" is important

Since I was a little girl I was everything I wanted to be, I dreamed big.

Somehow I new that what my mouth spoke and my thoughts brought into my head became my reality.

I honestly don't remember saying I can't do this or that, the word can't wasn't around and many people think that is what has made me achieve everything I have, but I have a little secret to tell you, I don't think that that was the key to my success, my happy life or my positive state of mind, I truly believe that what has given me all these has been the magic of the affirmation "I am" used carefully and mindfully.

You see, I could have been anything, if I would have focused on the hardships and my I am's would have been things like "I am disabled", "I am limited", "I am dependent" my life would have probably been a total oposite, but somehow, since my early days I remember saying things like "I am powerful", "I am limitless", " I am free", and, my friend, the words I AM, are the two most powerful, because what you put after them you become.

I see many people struggle in their lives, w

hile they assure that they are unlucky, incapable of big things, unworthy of love, dependent, and powerless to change their realities, and I mean is ok to feel powerless if you are happy with it, BUT if you are not, just by using this words you are sabotaging yourself and your destiny. We all are capable of creating the most amazing realities we just need to remember that our words don't just describe our reality, they create it.

So, my question to you is, are your "I Am" s working for you?

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