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Your now resolutions

We are almost at that time of the year where the magic around us makes us believe that anything is possible. I don't know if it is the happiness thrown everywhere like confetti or that feel good mood that makes us truly believe that we are capable of anything.

Either way, we start planning our new year resolutions during this month.

We are at a cafe with friends eating everything that crosses our way and right then and there is when the idea of loosing ten pounds comes to our minds and we promise that in the new year coming our bodies are going to become our temple and that THIS time is going to work, because we are different now.

Then we are at the office christmas party, drinking the colourful cocktails and more often that not having one too many, right then and there is when we think in the new year we are going to detox and just drink in very special occasions.

Then, as we are out present shopping for everyone including that one friend that we only see in christmas but the rest of the year we forget exists, the sudden wish for saving comes to our head and we promise to do so from the first day of up coming year.

Then, on new years eve, we are there, at the do

or step of the magic year that will change so many things for us, just like that magically. We think/expect/wish that this year is going to be good to us and all the things we wished for are going to come our way, but then the days start passing and January comes with its blues and the hopes and dreams that we had for the new year start to disappear hand in hand with our festive mood.

I had repeated this escenario more times that I would like to admit, I mean I am a dreamer, but one day last year I realised, that some of my dreams were staying in bed asleep. It was mid April, after my birthday, when I realised that something that was important to me was far from becoming a reali

ty, and then and there guess what? I made a decision not to wait for anything, not a right date, not for someone to come and make it easier, that was the best moment, because there will never be a better moment than NOW to start something that its important to you.

After a few months of keeping this promise to myself and working every day on making it my reality, I finally learned that if I wanted something in a moment, I had to start working for it then and there, because right there is where my mind, soul and energy are all in the same page and all my willpower its in the right place to make it work.

Since then most resolutions that have come to my mind and I have set for myself have turn into my reality, some are harder than others but everything in life works that way.

That is why I wanted to drop this blog post today, because we are still a month a way from the end of the year and the right moment to start those resolutions that we haven't achieve yet is now, lets not wait for anything to create the realities that are for us to create. If it is still in your mind from the beginning of the year then give yourself that gift today, just because you are worth it.

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