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Your passion is important

Life is full of rushes, things to do, things to learn, parameters to follow to be a "Proper" person. What they don't seem to teach us, is that life takes time, life itself is just time. So let's talk about it. Time is the most valuable thing we posses, time with our loved ones, time with ourselves, time with our work. Are you wasting it or are you making the best of the little time you have on earth? We, as humans, don't like to think about the end our lives, is scary and something we can't control. But let me tell you what we can control, we can control how we spend our time, long or short, in this life. We can make our days transcend and make our time here an example of living, and for that I think we need to find our passion. As I said, we are always being taught that we have to follow certain molds, those molds, most of the time, keep us away from our mission/passion/purpose in life, as my grandma always said: "We are born with special gifts, and we have to put them into use to be as happy as we were meant to."I know is easy to sit here and write about life, time, passion, etc. But how on earth do we find, not just the time to work in our passion, but our passion itself?I'm a very passionate person, once I find something that interests me, I put 100% in and turn that thing into my one passion for that moment, but what I found difficult was to find my one true passion. That thing that takes your breath away when you think about it, that thing that makes you work no matter if it is 3 am or Sunday morning, you just find the time and want to give it your everything.  I started by paying attention to what my soul wanted, what made me happy and how I could transcend, and so I found out that I love sharing my story and inspiring others to fight for what seems impossible and to go and get it.I knew it was going to be hard, it would take time until people started reading my blog or really paying attention to my words, but just to be read by one person or hundreds, made my dream/passion more powerful, I wanted more... So I'm building my own life around it, little by little, word by word, talk by talk. I invite you to search for that one thing that takes your breath away, doesn't let you sleep and makes you a better and happier person, but remember dreams don't come true upon wishes, they come true with hard work, detail by detail, defeat after defeat, and then a bit more work.

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